EVillage Return

We went to a (kind of) play, or theatre event last Saturday…Called “Swan!”…at P(erformance) S(pace) 122 , a former public school now used for theatre events, mostly fringe (avant garde?) acts from people trying out new stuff cheap…And it was FUN!!…But only if you’ve seen “Black Swan” because it won’t make any sense otherwise…it was four guys and one girl playing all the parts…sitting on chairs, holding props and miming the sexy parts hilariously…and the cast must have known more than half the audience of two hundred…all of whom (except us 2 uptowners) were wearing the entire inventory of thrift shop attire on the LES…and who laughed both before and after every joke (explain that!)…so we went to momofuku ssam afterwards, just to stand there a hungry half hour like all the other idiots until we left to get dull Thai salmon and noodles in almost empty 3rd ave parlor. 

Kill me if I ever write like this again.

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