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Please Swipe Again

August 19, 2011

Just musing on 2012.

1) It look like Rick Perry won’t cut it.  It’s not his gaffes; those never count.  It’s because it all seems so familiar and, well, juiceless.  Maybe because he waited so long for his big entrance.  Sure, he upstaged HER big moment, but why?  I’m afraid the answer may be because it’s the only purpose of his candidacy.  Maybe his “handlers” felt it would start the big surge, but that bombed.  It seems clear that he was pushed into this because GOP Central thinks its only chance is to…

2) Stop Michele!!  But now it seems that it won’t.  She’s determined to run, and she will run.  Just not as the Republican nominee.   She’ll ride into the convention in no better than third place, and she will be DISSED!  After she and her legions leave in a huff, she will beat the drum as the 3rd Party nom on every ballot.  Probably not every ballot, but enough to doom the ticket of the traitors.

3) Rest assured, Obama will win because of this.  But she won’t care any more than she did about the debt ceiling.  Nor the rest of her makeshift congregation.  They will have triumphed in the only thing they cared about: to tell Republicans who have betrayed conservative ideals that they are the real enemy.  Never again can the true believers be counted on, not after W’s embrace of the heathen faith. Sure, the Progressives, like buzzing locusts, will swarm and cover the earth for a year or two, like always.  Holy plagues come and go.  But true conservatism is scripture.


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